MaxCares4Kids Foundation
MaxCares4Kids Foundation

The MaxCares4Kids Foundation's mission is to provide positive activities, events and/or support to families who have a child or children that have been critically injured in an accident, families who have lost children due to an accident or suicide, and families suffering life changing direction because of an accident or other act of aggression.

Mission Statement

Who is Max?

Max was born in 2013.  His Breed is a Belgian Malinois, (not to be confused with a German Shepherd).  The Belgian Malinois breed is a preferred breed for many law enforcement agencies.

He was found in the Western Desert in Utah.  Although scared and just a pup, Max immediately found joy in being a part of a family and soon he was running and playing with the neighborhood children. 


In this world of humans, Max found there were some of the kids that were not being nice to other kids, he found there were other kids that were doing dangerous things and not being safe in their activities.  He also found, some kids didn't have the same opportunities as the other kids because some of them had bodies that were hurt or broken.   He wasn't sure why, but he knew there was something inside of him that wanted to help, so he approached his new family and asked them if they would help him establish a new foundation.


His new family was very excited and proud of what Max wanted to do and soon the MaxCares4Kids Foundation was up and running.  Kids all around the state were getting a chance to meet Max and also learn and play with him.  Max loves kids and wishes he had a chance to meet all of them. He is learning to play new games like Baseball - Basketball - even Hopscotch.  He has already learned to ride a skateboard, (well kind of) and his bicycle. Lately Max has been learning to ride a motorcycle.  He loves riding his motorcycles and the wind blowing through his fur, but Max's favorite thing is to meet new people and bring a smile to their face.


You can meet Max or have him come to your party or event just by emailing him and telling him what you have planned.  He loves to do events where there are a lot of kids and he usually brings something for the kids.  Let him know what your event is and Max will be there to support you.


Max is learning to be a responsible dog and he needs to earn some money to help his foundation grow, so he has to charge a small fee in most cases, or you can make a donation to him to help children all across the state. Contact him today and watch the smiles light up the kids' faces.


Call 435-671-8811 or email him at

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